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Colorado Springs Real Estate

The Colorado Springs real estate market has tremendous ebbs and flows, especially over the last 6 months. Which is why we’ve been anxious to see these numbers on a monthly basis. Whether you’re living in...
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Colorado Springs Housing Market

With mortgage rates continuing to rise, many people are asking what’s happening in the Colorado Springs housing market. Whether you’re thinking about buying a house in Colorado Springs, moving to Colorado Springs or even if you’re...
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Food Trucks In Colorado Springs pt2

We’re talking about the best food trucks in Colorado Springs. Our team loves supporting locally owned small businesses and eating delicious food. So, we visited a few food truck rallies and here are our favorites!...
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Is Now A Good Time To Buy A House

Is now a good time to buy a house? Is the Colorado Springs housing market cooling off? Should I wait for interest rates to go back down? These are all questions we are getting asked...
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Topgolf Colorado Springs

Year Round Golf Topgolf Colorado Springs offers year round golfing. With 2 levels of 70+ all-weather golf bays, you can golf 7 days a week, morning or night. Making a reservation in advance is encouraged,...
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Moving To Colorado From Out Of State

Moving to Colorado from out of state? We’ve got your back! We’ve helped numerous families/individuals move from out of state. Here are a few tips that we’ve learned along the way to help make the...
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National Housing Market

We are going over some housing market statistics on a national level. Everyone knows there is a shortage of inventory nationwide; let’s go over some of the numbers and reasons why. Home Sales Existing home...
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Earnest Money

There are several opportunities within a contract for a buyer to get their earnest money back. Let’s go over them. What Is Earnest Money? Earnest money, also known as a “good faith deposit”, is put...
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