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Buying a House in Colorado Springs

Be Competitive in a Hot Market

The Colorado Springs real estate market is hot.  It is a seller’s market and fast-moving.  Buyers must be competitive, beginning with working with My Front Range Living.  As trusted Realtors, we are dedicated to our clients and knowledgeable about the Colorado Springs real estate market and community.  We will confidently walk you through the home buying process with your best interests in mind to get you the best house.

The home-buying process

  • Get Pre-Approved By A Mortgage Lender

    It is essential to get pre-approved by a local mortgage lender.  Pre-approval helps you understand how far you can stretch your budget to get the house you want and limits the house search to homes that you can afford.

  • See Properties You're Interested in As Soon As Possible

    Third, it is vital to see properties you are interested in as fast as possible because the market moves quickly.  To do this, know your criteria and work with My Front Range Living and the Pikes Peak MLS to find homes you will be interested in as they come on the market.

We can work to get you the home you love

Putting together a competitive offer

Once you have found a house you want to make an offer on, your My Front Range Living Realtor will call the listing agent.  It is vital to find out what the seller is looking for in their ideal buyer.  My Front Range Living will help you write the offer that best fits the seller’s criteria.  Competitive offers are vital, and we will do everything to make your offer the best, including an escalation clause or appraisal gap.  An escalation clause increases your offer as a competitive buyer to a set amount above any other competing offer up to a specific total.  

We will get you the home you love

An appraisal gap guarantees that the buyer will provide a cash amount to cover any gap from the lender’s appraisal to the total purchase price.  When necessary, an escalation clause and an appraisal gap will make you the most competitive buyer possible. We at My Front Range Living are confident we can work to get you the home you love.